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You'll find us one block north of Brackett Field.
Fly into Brackett Field for will-call service.

Our new address is:
Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc.
1677 Curtiss Court
La Verne, CA 91750

Please use this address for all correspondence and shipping.

Our telephone numbers are:
800-866-7335 toll-free
909-593-8400 voice
909-593-8499 fax

Our toll-free 800 number is the same, but our other numbers are new.

A Half-Century Of Know-How, At Your Service

Since 1961 Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. has operated as F.A.A. Repair Station RF3R813L. We are proud to offer the same high-quality service today that has made us The #1 Choice of thousands of aircraft owners, pilots, engine shops, FBOs, flight schools, and aircraft manufacturers the world over for more than a half-century.

Now, more than ever before, our industry-leading high standards for quality, innovation, and value come together with more than a half-century of know-how, making Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. the only logical choice for any-and-all of your aircraft oil cooler and heat exchanger needs.


Got a WWII or other Vintage aircraft? Be sure to check out our Vintage Oil Coolers  page; We've got oil coolers in-stock for nearly everything from AT-6's and B-17's to P-51 Mustang radiators and engine oil coolers. And there is no other place in the world that overhauls and repairs more Vintage aviation oil coolers than we do.

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Please see our Capabilities List  for a complete listing of the part numbers we carry on-hand and can provide F.A.A. Approved service and repair of.

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Pacific  Oil  Cooler Service, Inc.
1677 Curtiss Court, La Verne, CA 91750

Call Us Today, Toll-Free: 1-800-866-7335
Or fax your order to us; 1-909-593-8499

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