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Birddog & Stinson 108-2 Oil Coolers

Now you can have modern oil cooling for your Stinson 108 or Cessna L-19.

If you own a Stinson 108 or Cessna L19, you're probably well aware that replacement oil coolers for your aircraft are extremely difficult to find. Because of this - along with the fact that many of these aircraft are still flying - Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. now offers a direct, bolt-on replacement oil cooler that out performs the original in every way.


Our reproduction oil coolers for the Cessna Bird Dog and Stinson 108 are now being manufactured by Aero-Classics Heat Transfer Products Inc. and are FAA-PMA for installation on the L-19 Bird Dog and Stinson 108 series aircraft.

P/N 8002455 replaces oil cooler P/N 1100B for the Cessna L-19 Bird Dog.

P/N 8002408 replaces oil cooler P/N 102C used on the Stinson 108 series aircraft.

These oil coolers are direct, bolt-on replacements for respective OEM part numbers above and require no modifications of any type to install.

P/N 8002455, Cessna L-19 Bird Dog.

P/N 8002408, Stinson 108 series aircraft

Our new Birddog and Stinson oil coolers offer these advantages:

  •  60% less weight than the original copper and steel unit

  •  Up to 20% better heat rejection

  •  Modern all-aluminum, vacuum brazed construction

  •  Easy, No Modification Installation

  •  Available, In Stock

  •  Just $1,305.00 exchange plus a $150.00 core deposit, factory new. Note: The core deposit will be refunded regardless of the condition of the core

  •  FAA Form 8130-3 is included

  •  Two year Limited Warranty

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