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Birddog & Stinson 108-2 Oil Coolers

Now you can have modern oil cooling for your Stinson 108 or Cessna L-19.

If you own a Stinson 108 or Cessna L19, you're probably well aware that replacement oil coolers for your aircraft are extremely difficult to find. Because of this - along with the fact that many of these aircraft are still flying - Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. now offers a direct, bolt-on replacement oil cooler that out performs the original in every way.


These reproduction oil coolers by Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. will be direct, bolt-on replacements for the part number 102C and 1100 series oil coolers as used on the Cessna L19 and the Stinson 108-2, respectively. The mounting-bolt patterns and oil line attachment locations are about the only things that the new Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. replacement units will have in common with the originals.

The P/N 102C and P/N 1100 oil coolers (in case you're not aware) are constructed entirely from brass and copper, with steel framework and mounting brackets. The new units manufactured by Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. will feature modern stacked-plate, all aluminum design and construction. Now your Cessna L19 Birddog or Stinson 108-2 can go from a cooler weighing 9LBS - to one that weighs only 4LBS! The new POCS oil coolers, though slightly smaller in physical size - and weigh less than 1/2 as much - compared to the original units, offer about 20% more cooling capacity.

As mentioned above, the new POCS Birddog and Stinson 108-2 oil coolers will be a direct bolt-on replacement for the part number 102C and 1100 units, and will feature the exact same oil line fittings, Vernatherm, and related plumbing details as the originals.

Our reproduction Birddog and Stinson 108-2 oil coolers offer these advantages:

  •  60% Less Weight than the original copper and steel unit

  •  20% More Cooling Capacity

  •  Easy, No Modification Installation

  •  Available, In Stock

  •  Just $899.00 Exchange, plus $150.00 core deposit (or $1,049.00 Outright).

We recommend the end-user obtain an F.A.A. Form 337 field approval, or use only on EXPERIMENTAL aircraft.

*Copies of Form 337 Field Approvals successfully obtained by our customers are available upon request, at no charge.

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