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Most every Vintage type aircraft oil cooler has some type of oil control valve assembly bolted to its outer wrapper. Referred to simply as a "valve", this complex piece of equipment performs a variety of functions that both the oil cooler - and the engine - depend on for safe, long-term and reliable operation.

The typical Valve present in most Vintage applications serves to protect the cooler from the catastrophic effects of over pressurized engine oil, and also usually contains a thermostatically actuated oil bypass valve to prevent engine oil from circulating through the cooler's core, so long as the oil's temperature is below anywhere from 70 to 80 degrees, Celsius. The Valve also provides a handy place to hang the hoses that carry oil to and from the engine.

Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. has Overhauled / Yellow-Tagged Valves in stock for Vintage oil coolers of practically every type, shape, size, and part number. Each have been meticulously Overhauled to our F.A.A. Approved Specifications - and are ready for immediate shipment to you. And, as always, we are sure you'll find our Valve pricing to be among the lowest available, anywhere.

ONE MORE THING... If you've got a Vintage type oil cooler that's in need of an Overhaul, we will Re-Certify and Yellow-Tag the Valve assembly at no additional charge when you send it with the oil cooler for Overhaul.

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