Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication

Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. offers custom made solutions for most any type of heat exchange device or oil cooler. We offer services ranging from new fabrication – to the repair or restoration of your existing unit, in the following categories:
  • EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT: Kit Planes. New Model Prototypes.
  • VINTAGE AVIATION: World War One thru Vietnam Era Aircraft.
  • INDUSTRIAL: Hydraulic Equipment. Power Generators. Stationary Engines.
  • AUTOMOTIVE: Vintage Restoration. Race Cars. Motorcycles.

One Example: Repairing the Un-Repairable (and Irreplaceable).

The Custom Fabrication department at Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. was called upon to repair the air-to-air heat exchanger pictured below. From a now civilian-owned Korean-War vintage F-86, this part was constructed with a WWII-type of “tubed” core matrix assembly.

This particular unit had many air leaks emanating from numerous locations within its core. Fractured air tubes and cracks in the header plates that support the air tubes at either end were the culprits. So, what do you do when it can’t be repaired – and it can’t be replaced, either?


By TIG-welding together two factory new Stewart Warner air-to-air core assemblies, we were able to fabricate a replacement core matrix of the shape and size required. A band-saw was used to trim all of the re-useable pieces from the old unit’s defunct core assembly. Once cleaned and inspected, these items were then TIG-weld attached to the new core assembly.

New core matrix assembly and other parts removed from old unit, cleaned up and ready to be welded back together.
The completed part is on the left – defunct core matrix assembly (removed via band-saw), on right.

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