Installation Tips

Installation Tips

Installation Tips

  • MOUNTING FLANGES: Be sure to use all four mounting flanges to prevent them from cracking.


  • THREADS: Be sure to use steel fittings with anti-seize on your aluminum cooler. Use of aluminum fittings on aluminum coolers can cause thread galling, especially when pipe threads are involved.


  • BOSSES: Use a back-up wrench when torquing fittings to prevent damage to the oil cooler.

Cosmetic Concerns

  • FIN DISTORTION: Once in a while, there may be fin distortion from the use of thermocouples from the braze process. We make every effort to straighten them out without causing further damage. Minor fin abnormalities are only cosmetic and do not affect performance.
Examples of bracket/flange damage due to improper use of mounting flanges
Example of damage without the use of back-up wrench
Example of damage without the use of back-up wrench
Example of how we use thermocouples in the braze process
Example of cosmetic concerns
Example of cosmetic concerns

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