Oil Cooler Re-Core Service

Great News for owners and operators of Aircraft…

F.A.A. Approved Repair Process by Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. Returns Non-Serviceable Aircraft Oil Coolers to New Condition – For Far Less Than The Cost Of New (And With Twice The Warranty Of A Factory New Oil Cooler)

Replacing your oil cooler’s core-matrix with a Factory New part is a dependable and highly cost-effective remedy we offer for aging and / or leaking oil coolers.

Please see the Oil Cooler Re-Core Eligibility List (below) for current applications.

The Industry Standard for repairing old, leaking oil coolers used to be epoxy applied directly to the area of the leak (although at Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc., we have never used epoxy to repair a leaking oil cooler – we perform all repairs using only an appropriate Inert-Gas type weld).

Of course, if an oil cooler had too many leaks – the only option was to scrap it and buy a new one. As for the ones repaired with epoxy, their in-service future would always be one of unreliability because the epoxy patch would (in every instance) eventually fail – or a new leak would soon appear elsewhere within the oil cooler.


When we Re-Core your oil cooler we completely disassemble it and install a Factory New core matrix – the ‘heart’ of the oil cooler. Your cooler is returned to you as an F.A.A. Approved Repaired Component, with Zero-Time (form 8130->3 furnished upon request).


Your Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. Re-Cored oil cooler is covered by a Two-Year / Unlimited Hour Warranty – that’s the same warranty period of a Factory New oil cooler.

Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. has Re-Cored oil coolers in-stock ready for immediate shipment – or we can Re-Core your oil cooler for you. Please see the Re-Core Eligibility List below for applicable aircraft models and part numbers.

Oil Cooler Re-Core Eligibility List:

NOTE: We are adding new models of aircraft to this list every chance we get. If you don’t see a particular one currently listed – by all means check back in a day or two, or give us a call: 1-800-866-7335.

Bell 206 A & B :

P/N 206-340-202-101 Transmission oil cooler

P/N 206-360-500-101 Engine oil cooler

Bell 206 L1 & L3:

P/N 206-360-501-101 Engine & trans. oil cooler

Bell 212-209 / UH-1 / 412 / AH-1T:

P/N 209-062-501-001 Engine oil cooler

P/N 209-062-501-002 Engine oil cooler

P/N 209-062-501-005 Transmission oil cooler

Bell Oh-59 & 407:

P/N 406-360-500-101 Engine & trans. oil cooler

Bell AS-1S & 205:

P/N 209-060-522-001 Engine oil cooler

P/N 209-060-522-003 Transmission oil cooler


P/N 5A527 Engine oil cooler

P/N 5A527-000 Engine oil cooler

P/N 5A835 Engine oil cooler

P/N 5A835-000 Transmission oil cooler


P/N D2591-10A Engine oil cooler

Hawker 800XP:

P/N 2340594-4 Dual Air Heat Exchanger

P/N 2340594-6 Dual Air Heat Exchanger

Sikorsky S-76:

P/N 76308-07901-016 Engine oil cooler

P/N 76308-07901-103 Engine oil cooler

P/N 76308-07901-105 Engine oil cooler

P/N 76362-09203-102 Transmission oil cooler

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