Sending Us Your Oil Cooler

Sending Us Your Oil Cooler

Sending Yours To Us

Have something to send to us for service? If so, here’s some information you may find helpful:

1. Where To Send It:

Our mailing, business, and ship-to address is:

Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc.
1677 Curtiss Court
La Verne, CA 91750


2. How To Package It:

Once you have removed the item from the aircraft, please drain as much fluid from it as possible. This helps to keep our UPS and Fed-Ex drivers un-soiled (and smiling). After draining excess fluid (engine oil, etc.), plug the openings and wrap the part in plastic.

Use a sturdy cardboard box that’s large enough to hold the item, allowing room for at least one or two inches of padding on all sides. Pad the part well.

3. What To Include:

Please enclose inside the box a note (or purchase order) that provides us with:

A.) Your name, return shipping address, daytime telephone number, and a list of the items you’re sending. We receive a number of packages from customers each month that include no information as to who sent it, or why.

B.) Please let us know if you’re A.O.G. We will gladly do all that we can to speed up* the turnaround time.

C.) Indicate what method we should use when we ship it back to you (ie; UPS, FED-EX, and Ground, Blue, Red, P1, etc.). Finally, give us a heads-up on any special problems you’re experiencing with the part.

4. Turn-Around Time:

Our normal turn-around time for Overhaul and Re-Certification of your part is 7 to 10 days from the time we receive it, not including Saturdays or Sundays.


Should you have any questions, by all means Contact Us. Thanks!


*The expedite fee amounts to 25% added to the overhaul cost

Call to get a quote: (800) 866-7335

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