Over Tens of Thousands Of Repairs, Since 1961

In 1961, Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. began operation as F.A.A. Repair Station #RF3R813L. During the years since then, we have repaired and overhauled literally tens of thousands of aircraft oil coolers, valves, fuel heaters, condensers, and evaporators. Although our area of specialty (heat-exchange devices) is narrow in focus, our customer base – as with the experience we’ve gained, span the entire aviation spectrum.

Ultra Sonic Decontamination Process

Our exclusive F.A.A. approved Ultra Sonic decontamination process is applied to every overhaul that we perform – and each overhauled component is returned to you with Form 8130-3 attached.

Industry Leading Experience

We invite you to take advantage of this industry-leading level of experience, today. As always, our aim quite simple and straight forward; To provide our customer with only the highest quality workmanship, the shortest turnaround time, and an unbeatable price.

FAA & Military Compliant

All shop equipment and work performed by Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. complies with rigid F.A.A. and military specifications. Our Station Procedure Manual is available for your inspection upon request at our facility. F.A.A. Repair Station #RF3R813L and EASA.145.5554 (European Aviation Safety Agency, formerly J.A.A.).

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