Skip Stewart Airshows Gets Cooling Boost with AERO-Classics Oil Coolers

“I just installed a set of Aero-Classics High Efficiency Series oil coolers in my show plane. I was impressed when I saw them. The difference in design is evident. I’ve only flown about twenty hours with them so far and my oil temps at Airshow power have gone from 250F, down to in the 210F range! I have also experienced a slight reduction in cruise temperatures. These are obviously much better technology than the standard issue coolers and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for better oil cooling!”

Skip Stewart

Younkin Air Shows Runs Aero-Classics Oil Coolers

“The Twin Beech 18 was not designed for aerobatic flight. The oil cooling system has a hard time keeping the oil at the proper temperature during a 12 minute demonstration at high power. Thanks to AERO-Classics Heat Transfer Products, Inc. and their ability to produce an off-the-shelf consumer type product that fits a special need, my oil temperatures stay in the green all the times. Lower temps mean better performance, increased engine reliability, and longer engine life. All of these are very important to me in my line of work. Thank you again AERO-Classics and Pacific Oil Cooler Service, from one very satisfied customer!” ~Matt Younkin

Matt Younkin uses the AERO-Classics P/N 8001436 aluminum oil coolers on his Beech 18, with outstanding results under the most stressful flying conditions. If you have ever seen a Matt Younkin Airshow performance, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Matt Younkin

Pacific’s Overhaul Process Pays Dividends

“I was doing a 7 ship low altitude formation airshow a couple weeks ago and the oil temperature slowly crept up over time to 250 degrees and the oil temp warning light came on. This was only a 15 minute routine but a lot of full throttle on a 95 degree day. After letting it cool for a couple hours I flew home at altitude and the temperatures were normal.

Got the overhauled oil cooler from Pacific Oil Cooler Service installed yesterday and flew today on another 95 degree day. I ran the engine as hard as I could for 30 minutes at low altitude, even leaned it out a bit to try to heat it up. The good news is I could not get it over 230 degrees. Once I throttled back to normal range the temp dropped back in the 200 degree range. Normal operations should show a marked improvement on oil temps in the future. You can sign me as a satisfied customer!”

Oly Olson

Multiple Record Holder Mike Patey Uses AERO-Classics Oil Coolers

“I had an excellent experience with Pacific Oil Cooler Service because they sent me exactly what I needed and the product works great!” My oil temperatures went from 230 degrees to 189 degrees. This product is spot on the best oil coolers on the market.”

Thank you

Mike Patey uses AERO-Classics HE Series oil coolers and holds the following records:

1- Us national record holder coast to coast San Diego, California to Charleston , South Carolina

2- US national record holder coast to coast Jacksonville , Florida to San Diego, California

3- Sport air racing league undefeated champion 2012 and 2013 Unlimited class

4- 1000 km closed course speed record holder

5- 2000 km closed course speed record holder

6- 2013 experimental airplane inventor of the year

Mike Patey

Dennis Buehn of American Warbirds uses Pacific Oil Cooler Service

“American Warbirds has been using Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. for nearly a decade now – and what great service and customer satisfaction you provide. You guys are head and shoulders above the other shops I have used. You have always been very prompt and eager to ensure great customer satisfaction.” ~Dennis Buehn, American Warbirds, Carson City, Nevada

Dennis and Tami Buehn’s T-6 Texan, Midnight Miss III, won the 2010 Reno Air Race with a top speed of 241.247 MPH and an average race speed of 241 MPH. Pacific Oil Cooler Service, Inc. is proud to be part of such a winning effort – and a gorgeous aircraft.

Dennis Buehn

American Warbirds, Carson City, Nevada

Racing Champ Paul Bonhomme Finds Relief With AERO-Classics Oil Coolers

“Team Bonhomme are once again going racing using coolers from those ever so friendly folks from Pacific Oil Cooler Service. Keeping cool in our environment is paramount and through great advice from the team at Pacific we have a great system using the AERO-Classics HE Series oil coolers. Very small and compact but superbly efficient, the coolers allow us to attempt hot laps safe in the knowledge the engine can keep cool. Thank you Pacific and AERO-Classics!”

Team Bonhomme clinched the 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship running an AERO-Classics oil cooler. Congratulations!

Paul Bonhomme

The Flying Bulls Fly With AERO-Classics Radiators

We have used the new all-aluminum AERO-Classics coolant radiators on our Lockheed P-38L now for just over a year – and a little over 130 flight hours. I have to say that they are one of the best investments we have made in the airplane’s serviceability. In fact, when Wayne said originally that they are “fit and forget”, I was a little sceptical – but he was completely correct. We have had not one issue with the coolant radiators in our P-38. They work and look as good today as when we installed them.

To see the Flying Bulls’ P-38 in action, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6McV4L_K7xA

Andy Chambers

Vintage Fleet Maintenance Manager, The Flying Bulls GmbH, Salzburg, Austria

AERO-Classics Replacement Is Proven Cooler

“A call to Wayne at Pacific Oil Cooler Service had a bolt-in AERO-Classics replacement oil cooler delivered promptly. A simple replacement reduced my normal climb oil temperature back to the 170-180 normal values. A quick look at the construction differences revealed why the AERO-Classics unit runs so much cooler.” ~Rob Duncan

My highly modified C-185 Skywagon has a TSIO-520 engine as removed from a T-206, but with some induction and exhaust modifications. This added performance is important as I live in mountainous Colorado. After about 1000 hours on a new PosiTech cooler, my summer oil temperatures began to soar above 220F even with full open cowl flaps and higher than normal climb speeds. I found help quickly with Pacific Oil Coolers.

Rob Duncan

Van’s RV8A builder Michael Duggan finds oil temp cure with AERO-Classics oil cooler

“The team at Pacific Oil Cooler Service solved my Van’s RV8A oil cooling problems. The cooler they suggested, an AERO-Classics HE Series unit, works great. Pacific Oil Cooler Service and Aero-Classics Heat Transfer Products are pilot oriented businesses and they work to meet your needs. Their facilities are clean and professional. They are family-run operations and they take a hands-on interest in keeping their customers happy. I recommend Pacific Oil Cooler Service to anyone who has a challenging oil cooling problem. For me, they did a great job.”

Mike Duggan

Leaky Birddog Cooler Cured

“In December 2012 it was apparent that my L-19 Birddog’s oil cooler was about to fail. Its replacement, another yellow tagged 1100B, lasted 2 1/2 hours before leaking. I guess 60 year old solder does have a shelf life!!

Fortunatley I was aware that Pacific Oil Coolers offered a modern replacement for the old oil cooler. A phone call to Wayne Thomas of Pacific Oil Coolers set the gears in motion to have the new production cooler delivered to my doorstep. The whole process was quick and easy; Wayne was a wealth of knowledge regarding installation and function.

When the new cooler arrived the primary brackets were included, thereby simplfying the installation. Some measuring and alignment is necessary, but nothing that requires an engineering degree. When it was done my I/A was very pleased with the professional look of the installation.

When it came time for the 337 to be signed the FAA reviewed the paperwork, recognizing that there have been close to 30 other Birddogs who in the name of safety have switched to this modern oil cooler. The FAA approved it without fanfare.

The test flight was anticlimatic and the cooler performed as advertised. As most folks have encountered, the oil pressure has a different flow rythm but remained well in the green arc.

Many members of the International Birddog Association have converted to the Pacific Oil cooler and consider it a long term solution to the unreliable 1100B.”

Jim Mulvihill

Kerrville, Texas

Oil temps reduced on a pair of Van’s RVs.

I first installed an AERO-Classics H.E. Series oil cooler (from Pacific Oil Cooler Service) on a customer’s RV-9 who was experiencing oil temperatures in the 220 F and above range. The test data that was provided by Pacific Oil Cooler suggested that the H.E. Series oil cooler should reduce the oil temps by 20 degrees.

The installation went as expected and really did reduce oil temperatures by 20 degrees. My customer was very happy to say the least!

I then decided to install an H.E. Series oil cooler on my own RV-7 as it, too, had high oil temperatures in the summer months. Because I have a data logger EMS installed on my aircraft I would be able to measure a hard number for the real temperature reduction. Sure enough, after 4 test flights, and accounting for actual O.A.T., I can say the AERO-Classics H.E. Series oil cooler reduced my oil temperatures by 22 degrees F.

I can highly recommend the AERO-Classics H.E. Series oil cooler, it performs as advertised!

It is worth noting that these oil temperature reductions were achieved by simply switching to a more efficient oil cooler – and not to a larger cooler.

On each aircraft, the standard-issue Van’s seven-row oil cooler was swapped out for the AERO-Classics P/N 8001602 six-row HE Series oil cooler – which is the same size as the original.

Mike Gustafson

Groveland, CA

Happy Customer In France

Hello Pacific Oil Cooler Team,

Here’s a BIG THANK YOU for your excellent service when you repaired our heat exchanger in record time.

PACIFIC OIL COOLER continually exceeds our expectations and we appreciate their high level of performance and team effort coming together to ‘get the job done’.

Keep up the good work.

Noah Wiesenfeld

Paris, France, Bel-Air Express

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